If you have any questions about algae, water clarity, scale/calcium treatment, or stains feel free to call or send us a message! We have a full inventory of spa/swimming pool chemicals and cleaners in stock. If you're in the Phoenix area please stop by our physical storefront to see the stuff we can't ship!

Acid Washing:
Bio-Dex Plaster White ‘N Brite Acid Washing/Cleaner PWB32 | 1 QT
Acid wash thickening agent, helps to prevent streaking and etching.

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Bio-Dex Aqua Pure Algaecide (Concentrate) AP132 | 1 QT
Treats green, blue-green, and mustard algae.

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Bio-Dex Skill-It Pool/Spa Algaecide (Concentrate) SK132 | 1 QT
Fast acting algaecide for stubborn algae.

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Bio-Dex Clearex 500 Water Clarifier Pool/Spa CX532 | 1 QT
Clears up to 224,000 gallons of cloudy or dull water!

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Bio-Dex Enzyme Oil Out (Concentrate) OO132 | 1 QT
Natural oil remover for up to 640,000 gallons!

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Phosphate Removers:
Bio-Dex Phosphate Remover Max (Concentrate) PHOS+QT | 1 QT
Max strength, treats very high phosphate levels.

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Stain and Scale:
Bio-Dex Aquadex 50 Stain Off ADQ50 | 1 QT
Removes metallic plaster stains including copper and iron.

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Bio-Dex Protect All Supreme Stain Calcium/Scale Cleaner PAO32 | 1 QT
Cleans and protects from calcium and scale buildup.

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Bio-Dex Salt Protect SALT32 | 1 QT
Removes scale buildup on salt cells and organic stains.

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Tile Cleaners:
Bio-Dex #300 Tile Cleaner (Concentrate) BD300 | 1 QT
Cleans calcium, oil, grease, and dirt from tile.

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